Mystery MAN……

.....Mystery MAN

Truckblog’s good friend and contributor, Neil Jarrold from spotted this gorgeous little MAN TGL in Dover few weeks back. I’d love to know who’s it is as it looks like a high spec little tonka toy. I have a sneaky feeling that it’s a firm from London, but I hope you lot can tell me for sure who’s the owner. Top spec including; slam locks on the cab doors, fridge / chiller body, full height tail lift (perfectly smooth for a truckblog sticker!), fire extinguishers, side door in the body, sleeper cab, vehicle reg on the roof, air kit, looks like it has been well thought out and I dare say a regular visitor to the continent. One blogger says he saw a bigger MAN in the same colours, but I still can’t remember the name of the firm!!

If you can give me any info on this Mystery MAN, then please leave a comment or email me; and hopefully we’ll work out who’s it is. Have you seen a regular under 12 ton truck in and out of Dover or to and from the continent then please tell me about those too. Thanks again to Neil Jarrold for providing more blog content, don’t forget to visit his website you’ll be there for hours!

.....Mystery MAN

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