New Truckblog Stickers On The Move!!

Truck blog V2 Final.jpg

As some of you may well be aware, a few months back I asked you all who was interested in having a new Truckblog sticker and surprise surprise some of you were keen on a freebie…..tough time’s I know! Anyway, some how or another I have just 3 of the original 50 left and I have no idea where they have all gone, really I haven’t! What better way to show them off in all their glory (the stickers that is) than put a few, that I do know the where abouts of, up here on the blog as Truckblog on the move. I even have had a few photos sent through of the new sticker but I can’t find them, what a bummer!! Anyway lets get started and who best to get the ball rolling than top blog contributor Steve Marsh Express. This is the sticker in place on the little euro busting MAN TGL, along with the older long version blog sticker, if you look carefully that is!;

GB05 STE - New Sticker!!

TB on the move in Norrkoping Docks, Sweden.
Truckblog on the Move......

TB on the move in Innsbruck, Austria.
Truckblog on the move......

TB on the move in Maiori Salerno, Italy (a bit fuzzy driver!).
Truckblog on the move....

Next up we have Andy Blunsden. An owner driver from Bristol, known to many of you as Carrot (I think!). Andy has stuck one on the back of his trailer that he hauls all over Europe and also to the Middle East, although I don’t think the sticker has made it to the desert yet! Hopefully Andy will get some inspiration from Marshy’s efforts and send a pic or 2 of the sticker on the move, perhaps even in the dustier parts of the world!
Truckblog on The Move....

This is Andy’s DAF and trailer.
Andy Blunsden's DAF

Last up on this sticker update is Ceva Logistics Autralia’s top car transporting subbie, Julian Baker. This is probably the furthest away sticker that I know of. Julian is based near Melbourne in Oz and he and his little UD mini artic travel all over Oz carrying cars. Great pics;
Sticker evidence!! - Truckblog on the move in Oz!

Another terrrible sunset in Oz!….really makes the colours in the sticker stand out, very artistic!
Tintinara in the evening - Truckblog on the move in Oz!

In the next month or so I will be ordering some more stickers, so if you want to join the club, I will let you know when they are here and you can buy one for yourself, on the premise that you send a photo of the sticker some where on the move! Email me; If your sticker pics haven’t made it to this update, they may well make the next…..

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