New Truckblog Stickers Now on the Road!

Truckblog on the Move......

The new Truckblog stickers are now in circulation, getting themselves around the UK and Europe. If you drive a truck any where in the world you can of course buy one as long as you send in a photo of where you have stuck it with some thing in the background, like Steve Marsh’s effort above. This is the first one “On the Move” that I have received, although Marshy has said it its not the greatest photo. The best thing is that he is showing the sticker off on it’s first trip, which is a good one, this photo was taken in Norrkoping Docks, Sweden. If you’ve got a sticker or you are getting one, click on the Truckblog Stickers heading on the home page of the blog. Then once stuck on your truck, email me your photos;

Marsh Man + Mini Me!

While on the way up through Germany to Sweden, Steve Marsh woke up one morning to see that his truck had had a baby! This little tilt turned up and looks like a mini-me version of Steve’s MAN TGL. I’m not to up on my vans but I think this could be a Renault Master perhaps?? Any way hopefully there will be more Truckblog stickers on the move to come!

1 thought on “New Truckblog Stickers Now on the Road!

  1. The photo of Mr Marsh’s well travelled MAN parked next to, what seem to be getting even more popular, a 3.5 tonne sleepered tilt. how about a bit of ‘spotting’ of these little long distance travellers? What on earth are they carrying? Can’t be more than a tonnes worth..


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