Marshy’s New Year Marathon MAN

Italy/France/Ireland Jan '12

How many km’s do you clock up in round trip?? How many do you think this little 12 ton MAN TGL does?? Probably more than most give these little trucks credit for. Back in January your friend and mine, Steve Marsh, embarked on mini marathon around Europe. I’m hoping that if you click here you can see THE MAP of Marshys New Year Marathon.

So what did Steve get up to in his 9 day, 4,367km round trip? Pull up a sand bag and i’ll tell you a story;

– Start Culcheth, Warrington Thursday
– Load Thursday Westhoughton, Lancashire
– Ship Dover Calais
– Arrive in Vercelli, Italy on Saturday
– Unload Monday
– Load Baldenheim, France on Tuesday Morning
– Ship Calais Dover
– Home to Culcheth, Warrington Wednesday
– Ship Holyhead Dublin Thursday
– Deliver Limerick, Ireland Friday Morning
– Load Collinstown, Ireland Friday Afternoon
– Ship Dublin Holyhead Friday night
– Deliver Crewe, Cheshire on Saturday Morning
– Home for tripe, black pudding, liver and onions Saturday lunch.
– Walk the Whippet Saturday afternoon (I made this bit up.)

Italy/France/Ireland Jan '12

So you see, size doesn’t matter when it comes to covering big distances. For the narrow minded of us, these little trucks can cover just as many, if not more km’s a week than their big brothers. Another blog regular from Australia, runs a mini artic and he covers the whole of Oz driving his little rig, and can legally cover more of Kangaroo Land than the massive Roadtrains they have out there. Perhaps this helps explain my love for a tonka toy that does long distance work, its just more unusual I guess. Have you covered a decent round trip in a short space of time?? Legal (ish) stories only I think is best, email me;

Italy/France/Ireland Jan '12

Oh the romance of long distance lorry driving! Marshy keeps apologising for sending me photo’s that always have his table and chairs in. I don’t mind at all, it’s part of the job. How many drivers these days stop, park up and stay in their cabs all day every day?? Not Mr Marsh, my only worry is there is never any food on his table!!

…..Keep the photos coming Steve, I now have people emailing me asking if all is ok when we don’t hear from you for a few weeks. You have fans, it’s official! If you have any urgent cargo requirements please contact Steve, he can do vans as well if needs be, he says he is happy to quote on anything, but for his own vehicles 5 tons is his limit. Have a look at the website;

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