Oman its a Scania

This is one of those quick news blogs that I thought you lot might just be interested in and also is pretty quick for me to publish. Sorry to say its another Scania, but I also just quite liked the photo!

Scania V8

The following info came with the photo as part of the Scania Press Release;

“In December of last year Scania launched V8 trucks in Oman for the first time, and recently, the first one was sold in the Arab country. The customer, heavy lift transport company Sinan Heavy Lift LLC, will use its new V8 to move heavy loads and transport its cranes, which have up to 1,000 tons of lift capacity. “This is the first R-series V8 ever sold within the region”, says Robert Hughes, Sales Manager, SATA LLC (Scania Trucks & Buses). “This increases the offering and range of vehicles currently being sold in the Gulf. Scania has just received new orders for two more V8 trucks: A second truck to Sinan Heavy Lift LLC and one to Mobilift & Partners LLC.”

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