Top 3 Astran Liveried Trucks – M509 WCK

M509 WCK

Next in my top 3 Astran trucks of all time is this beast of a Scania 143 Streamline, driven by Trevor Dodwell I do believe. As I said in Part 1, the top 3 is in no particular order, it would be to hard to choose between them!! I think for me, Astran trucks are Scania’s. I know Mercedes and Volvo were both regular Middle Easters for Astran, but if you look at the fleet list out of a total of 58 trucks, 40 were Scania. Even though this is an Owner driver truck, to me it’s still one of the top 3 all time great Astran trucks.

M509 WCK

M509 WCK

Bull bar, extra spots, roof rack, headboard, un-polished ally wheels, big tanks, ruffed up rear mudguards, Arabic script and, and, wait for it….its got that look!! in huge doses for that matter. I can just see this old girl hurteling along the dusty desert road, lights a blaze, camels parting like the red sea, as the growl of the big V8  heads ever Eastwards. I think also this is obviously the new version of the old 140’s and 141’s, so if Astran had kept their own fleet in the 90’s there would have been a fleet of these, just imagine! 

I actually emailed Trevor Dodwell about this truck, and he sent me a photo he has above his desk, this is below. I think this truck was for sale in Ireland since Trevor had it, although there was a little confusion over it, but any way if it was this truck I was oh so close to snapping it up and in all honesty I wish I had. The wife has promised to but me a new truck one day, when she does, the 143 Streamline will be it and it will take a lot of convincing not to paint it up as this truck. Here is Trevors photo;

Trevor Dodwell

So there it is, this is my number 2 truck in the all time top 3 Astran trucks. A second Scania, your right, but then again when you think of Astran what truck do you think of? Email me, or leave a comment. There is one more truck to come in this little mini series, what will it be? whats your choice? If you follow the blog on twitter (@truckbloguk) then you may already know my 3rd and final choice. Also while I remember the top 3 photos are courtesy of Mr Nick Garlick.

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Astran Liveried Trucks – M509 WCK

  1. trevor is correct but it was owned by graham bull {the sultan} and the next astrans model is based on this truck it ended up sold to john chortley and the crank went it laid in calais for many months but then was brought back and a new crank fitted i believe it is now in irland


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