Harwich Port is Very Activ!!

During my rubbish truck spotting trip to Harwich, there were 2 highlights. The <a href=""Harwich” target=”_blank”>P.Bjarne Andersen Scania that was good enough to make <a href=""picture” target=”_blank”>Picture of the Day on www.euro-wheels.com and the 2 Activ Car’s trucks that were parked up on the far side of the truck park…….just my luck. There was one Mercedes Atego mini artic with an 11 metre trailer and an older bonnetted 814, I think they are, please correct me; ben@truckblog.co.uk

Harwich 21/08/2011

It turns out that Activ Cars may use Stenaline in and out of Harwich a lot more than I realised before. Just a couple of weeks later, one of our drivers (HC Wilson Drivers) was sitting in the rain in Harwich, when what should appear out of depths off the Hoek boat…… yes of course it was, another Activ Cars mini Atego Artic.

Activ Cars Spotted @ Harwich

I do wish that Activ Cars were a bit more up to date. Now I don’t mean this in a bad way but, they must be one of the only transport companies who don’t yet have a website and also they very rarely reply to their emails!! Come on Activ Cars get emailing and get a website!! If you see Activ Cars in the UK or in Europe please get a photo and send it over to me, ben@truckblog.co.uk and if you can get talking to one of their drivers and get them to contact me, there will be an 18 inch <a href=""Transam” target=”_blank”>truckblog sticker in it for you. By the way they are now available in white or navy blue.

2 thoughts on “Harwich Port is Very Activ!!

  1. the bonneted one is a Vario, this was an updated bonneted 814 and came wityh the 150BHP engine. you can tell by the rounded corners and the wider bars on the grille.(not that i am an anorak)


    • Vario!!! Thats it. I knew it wasn’t called an 814, but couldn’t for the life of remember what it was called. Any way you should be adding to the Activ photo collection seeing as they are always at Broughton Airbus!!


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