Manton European Freezer Freight Part 3

Just a quick follow up this evening. Having posted 2 posts about Manton’s on here already, I wasn’t expecting to hear much more. But how wrong I was. While the blog was under attack, I was still receiving emails, although most of them were total bunkum. Trawling through the 100’s of dud ones, I saw a name that caught my eye. Dave Manton. Could it be?… I thought, so I opened it up and there to my delight was this cracking photo of a Manton’s Scania 143 Topline Streamline. The email was from Mr Dave Manton, of Manton’s family fame. I haven’t yet established where in the family tree he is, but that doesn’t really matter at this stage. I was just happy to get the photo. Dave explained that some where deep in his loft (as per most people), he has some more photo’s of Manton trucks, which he has said he will look out and email over as and when he finds them, looking forward to it. Back to this photo, it came with the following description attached;

“He was loaded from Harrogate with frozen egg product, direct to a bakery in Moscow. Carrying 24 tonnes .. Driver was Simon Johnston and second man was Tim Spate.”

Mantons Scania 143 Streamline

My reaction; If this is the first photo found, then just imagine what else might appear from the rafters of Manton Towers!!
Dear Mr Manton, if you are reading, please dust off the ladder and get up in that loft! It’s your punishment for being part of such a great great fleet! Also I want to know more about the company that I know very very little about. Anyone one who was any thing to do with Manton’s please leave a comment or email me;

Click here for Manton’s Part 1.
Click here for Manton’s Part 2.

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