Lady Louise is a Real Western Star

Here we go with a good old reminisce!! Now if you are a regular facebooker and are part of the mighty gang or a friend of the man behind it Neil Jarrold, you’ll be aware that a certain Lady has been back on the scene. Now when I was a boy growing up around trucks, vans, forklifts and every thing else that goes with a father who ran an ANC franchise (now FedEx UK) from 1982, one of the original 11 depots who started nationwide, you soon grow an interest on where you spend your evenings and weekends. Much like the Wilson brothers I now work for. During these early years my Dad did every thing he could to make sure I enjoyed every minute of it, probably as he could tell I was interested and yes I do blame my upbringing on my now unhealthy obsession for trucks!!
Back When ANC started alot of the franchisee’s already had existing business, such as Wyvern Cargo and Geoff Byfords own, Byfords Cargo Express (not sure if I have the name right?). My dad always told me bits an piece’s about Mr Byford. Imagine my excitement when I was told Geoff was behind CDC, where I used to spend my pocket money on cab flags and mini scarves! Then the old chap told me that Geoff had bought an American truck. I couldn’t wait to see it.
This is it, probably one of the first photo’s of Lady Louise in the UK before she became Lady Louise. I think it was only a week or 2 after she had arrived, My parents went upto Geoff’s place in Barrow (where CDC still are), for what I seem to remember was some sort of ANC meeting perhaps, other wise I can’t really see why else my mother went!!

Lady Louise Just in from Alaska

Not long after the truck was sent off to the paint shop to be prepared for a good few years fund raising, even appearing on the well loved childrens programme Blue Peter. Now if Geoff is reading this, you’ll have to correct me if i’m wrong. I think I travelled up to Lady Louise’s 1st Truckfest on the Friday before, actually in the truck with Geoff at the helm. Now if this is the correct year or not i’m not sure, but my Dad and I had an early start and I was having the Friday off school, that wouldn’t be allowed now!! We went off to Barrow in Suffolk to meet up with Geoff. From there Geoff said I was riding with him and my dad followed us up to Peterborough in the car. From then on it was a great day. TV shoots, photo shoots, everyone waving. Ending up with parking Lady Louise in one of the cow sheds at the show ground and I insisted to my Dad that we couldn’t leave until I had given her a wipe down with a polishing cloth. After that it was a summer of rolling posters for Geoff to take to all the shows he and the truck went too. Any way enough of my reminiscing trip, here are a few of my Polaroid photo’s of the day. Even now she looks great!

Lady Louise @ Truckfest, Peterborough

Lady Louise @ Truckfest, Peterborough

Lady Louise @ Truckfest, Peterborough

I’m not sure who this dodgy haircutted character is!!

Lady Louise @ Truckfest, Peterborough

Actually seeing that photo, must mean I took some of my own photo’s, seeing as I was carrying some form of a camera, no idea where they are though!!

11 thoughts on “Lady Louise is a Real Western Star

  1. Ben, i think this is a shot of Lady Louise in 94v at truckfest p’boro.


    regards, Shaun

    P.S. i still havent had my 141 yet 🙂


    • Hi Geoff
      I have just bought the Western Star and will return her to her former glory. Their is only 160k on the clock and mechanically she is fine just need to have crome parts renewed and paintwork

      Thanks Kevin Baird


  2. Wow blast from the past. My father worked casual for Geoff. Driving Bedford TKs. Company Emblem similar to a Cartoon Kangaroo. If memory serves me right. His wife Eileen use babysit my brother and I.


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