Clearly Mercedes Benz

…..So there i was , wandering around Truckfest Peterborough when i came across this clear sided Atego on the Mercedes stand. Unfortunately it was uncomfortably surrounded by a set of railings that meant my photo’s were not good, much to my disappointment.

Truckfest 2011 (22)

Truckfest 2011 (23)

I was a little gutted that i couldn’t get a good shot, as with the beautiful SLS car in the back it should have a great photo. So as you can imagine i was a bit p’d off. Any way i forget now how he found out, but my cousin, Tim Andrew, a professional photographer with a world wide reputation i might add, sent me an email saying here have a look at these. Low and behold he had attached some of the photo’s he had taken while doing the official photo shoot for the press launch of “The Clear“. So here you go enjoy these excellent professional photo’s. One day my photo’s will get better!! May i also just point out a few years back i too parked my Atego out side that beautiful building, the building being Mercedes head office in Milton Springsteen, sorry Milton Keynes (personal joke!).

Atego pix

Atego pix is a marketing idea that is based on having a clear sided box on the back of a truck. Mercedes Benz obviously liked the idea. Using the truck you can put an eye catching display of your product and drive it where ever you like, meaning in marketing terms thousands of potential consumers are seeing your goods and products driving past their eyes, and hopefully it’ll be so impacting you’ll reward them with a purchase! Not a bad idea as i really want one of those gorgeous cars!! As you can see by Tim’s picture below the clear side’s of the box are as clear as a clear thing, an aptly named idea i think. If you want to know more about the clear idea concept, click HERE.

Atego pix

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