Nuclear Powered Foden

Our good friend the Roving Reporter had his feet on the ground for a few days and even got home to Dorset. While rooting around various yards he came across this lovely old Foden 6×4. Now i can’t say i know my Foden’s very well, but this seems like a good one and also seems to be in remarkable good condition, considering it’s kept outside. It almost needs rescuing and being given a good shine up and be taken back to it’s former glory.


Now i put this onto my flickr page and it led inevitably onto some come backs from you lot. Firstly the sign writing on the door says “Tridan Niwclear”, which seems to be Welsh to me. Then Normant300 on flickr showed me a photo belonging to merf292002, of a very similar Foden working at a Nuclear power station in Angelsey, which was Wales last time i looked. If you can tell me any more about these Nuclear Foden’s please leave a comment below or email me, As yet i cant put the picture directly on the blog, so click HERE to see a Foden of this vintage in action back in it’s hay day,

1 thought on “Nuclear Powered Foden

  1. Hi this is part of two trucks, the chassis is that of a s41 heavy haulage foden and the cab is that of a s81 heavy haulage foden. The glass finer cab was proberley fitted when the s41 went rotten .


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