Who’s Truck Is This???

Right readers i need your help as i cant read the web address on the side of this truck. The excellent roving reporter sent me this photo. Taken on the A46 near Bath this afternoon, obviously he wasn’t driving when he took it!! Amazingly he managed to take the pic with a gap in the oncoming traffic and got a totally clear picture. The little MAN looks fairly new, its in good condition, clean and has the new grill. Can you work out the web address? do you recognise the logo?? Do you drive this truck??? If you know anything, please please email me; ben@truckblog.co.uk . I want to find out who owns and runs said truck…. with your help of course.

MAN Fridge on the A46 near Bath

4 thoughts on “Who’s Truck Is This???

  1. They’re based round the corner from me! 1st time I’ve seen their truck and obviously I was driving when I took the pic as the engine was running, 1st gear engaged and handbrake off. I’d also like other offences to be taken into consideration like tuning the radio, picking my nose, leering at girls, shouting abuse at morons, tooting and waving at strangers, looking at myself in the mirror, swatting bees and dodging potholes.


  2. This regularly parks overnight In a lay by around 1/4 mile from my house all I know is it a 60 plate so fairly new as said but that’s all


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