Manton European Freezer Freight Part 2

After asking if any of you out there had any info about this relatively unknown to me company, as I’m beginning to find i can trust in my readers! I had this cracking response from ex Manton’s driver Tim Speight.
The email read as follows;
Hi Ben,
I worked for Mantons in 1993 to ’95, as a fitter. I am also a close friend of the family. They operate from just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Was run by two brothers until about 2000 and ran approx 30 trucks and trailers including a couple of tankers. Most of the fleet were
Scanias, moved on to a couple of Renault Magnums too! They also had a cold store next to the A1 near Knaresborough. Think they only have 3 or 4 on the go now and only one brother running the outfit. If my memory serves me, I actually double manned this unit to Moscow in ’94, with frozen dried egg powder for a bakery out there, this run was done once a month, 17 day round trip and in those days, Russia was just splitting up and was full of bandits, hence the double manning, not stopping once over the border. Brings back memories and I still see the other brother quite often. Thanks for a great photo,

Tim you are a top man!! Now here’s a challenge can any one provide more pictures and for a big old pat on the back, can you furnish the UK’s top truck blog (view of Mr Ben Sheldrake not necessarily of any one else any where!) with a picture of a Mantons Renault Magnum???
My only picture response was from Neil Jarrold of . Neil has a picture of every truck that has ever driven on a UK road (well… it seems!) these 2 were snaped in Dover back in the late 80’s early 90’s i should think. If you have a spare day or 2 head over to and see what you can find.
Picture is Copyright of Neil Jarrold.

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