Manton European Freezer Freight

This beauty was spotted one evening on Springwood Industrial Estate, Braintree back in the 1990’s. This must be, along with the F12 Globetrotter, one of the all time greats of European Trucking! Just look at her sitting there enjoying the evening sun after another hard days work. After market fuel tanks, tag axle, 420hp V8, 2 yes just 2 spot lights and just enough dirt to make her look well worked. Other than that does anybody know any thing else about this lot?? I have no idea about them at all, i dont even know where they are from, email me . So much of a european legend is this old girl i think she will have to be added to our transport company of classic trucks.
Manton's 143 - Braintree

8 thoughts on “Manton European Freezer Freight

  1. I don’t know about Manton’s but they look smart and you are right there is just something about a 143 looking satisfied with itself after a hard days graft, the only thing that comes close is the 141!

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  2. my dad worked for mantons during the 1990s, they were bsed at flaxby. he drove a similair truck to this, regestraton j446. they were a large firm in there day, havibng mayve 25 wagons, they did a lot of european freezer freight, and plenty of uk haulage. dad spent about 8 years there, he drove a few trucks, but the one pictured here was a massive favourite.used to looke superb hooked up to the tankers.

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  4. just looking through the manton story and seen a photo of K414 KNW i was the owner of this truck for 4 years after manton traded it in at scania normanton in west yorkshire, it was working round trip to germany every week and never let me down, i had it repainted white cab red chassis when i first bought it.. sold it to a chap in wakefield then saw it a few years later for sale on ebay, i added the spot lights, air horns and alloy wheels.. that gave me the bug for the V8,s had them ever since current truck R580 4X2 OPTIC CRUISE……

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  5. worked at greenbanks in 1981-2000 with joe reibland from whethrby is he still driving does he rember steve bich new lad only 22 when ray greenbank tuck me on. regards if he still around

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