Roving Reporter is Back

My good friend the Roving Reporter has been away for a while, out about gather stuff for the blog no doubt. A recent trip to  Tampere, Finland found this out old girl ready and waiting to refill the Roving Reporter’s trusty winged steed. This is a cracking old Volvo N10 Turbo, a rare beast in itself, let alone being a plane refueler. I guess Scandinavia is the one place you would find a rare Volvo! Looks in good nick and as with all these refuelers its probably only done a hand full of miles. Note the Michelin Man on the sun visor. Hopefully the Roving reporter will be back again soon with some more well kept trucks from the airport’s of Europe.
Roving Reporter!
Roving Reporter!
And how about this cracking old Mercedes that can be found in Arricefe, Lanzarote. I think we have had a picture of it before but it is well worth seeing again, it really is mint!! Looks like another terrible day, every day is a sunny day for a pilot!
Roving Reporter!
Roving Reporter!

3 thoughts on “Roving Reporter is Back

  1. it’s nice to see a volvo N10 still running until now, i work with 1 volvo N10 Turbo , but it is in a 4×6 arrangement with a flatbed trailer . its a very nice truck , i like to drive it around the yard , and for your information rare volvo’s can be found also in Indonesia such as the N 10 turbo N 12 (left steering) F 12 and F 16 , there some company that still operates old volvo’s for heavy haulage . and that proves that even old volvo are still as good as in their young ages.and sorry for bad grammar or any typo’s from me.


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