Astran / M.E. Drivers???

Amongst the few photos i have from my relation Dick Snow (yea really), there are a number of faces that have no identity, well to me anyway. Have you got any ideas who they are?? Can you put a name to a face?? If so please let me know. The current or ex Middle Easters may be one step ahead of the rest of us! Email me at  or leave a comment below. The first one is the man himself Dick Snow.





Surely you all know who thi slast one is??? Be funny to see his picture in return!


3 thoughts on “Astran / M.E. Drivers???

  1. Hi Ben; I have seen these pics before and asked some of the “old hands” if they know any but no luck I;m afraid. The only one I know is in the forth picture down (2 men in cab). The guy behind the steering wheel is Brian Parkinson. Sadly he died some years ago.
    At least we got one name…..


  2. Hi
    The bloke in the 2nd picture is Bill Arnlod. He used to drive for Simons International. He always wore a red sweatshirt !!


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