Astran Polo Shirts

End of the week, you’ve been given you weekly penny packet, are you are AstranPerv? Do you wish you were off to the Middle East? Each time you hop out of your cab you hope your in Baghdad or Bandar Abbas not Biggleswade? Do you wish to work for the UK’s 3rd place all time favourite haulage company?? Well now’s your chance to pack those feelings away for good. You could be the proud wearer of an official Astran Polo shirt. Currently in stock in M, L, XL and XXL, yellow with red writing including Arabic!!! ……………..Selling like hot-cakes at £19.99 inc p&p!!!!! If you want one then email, kevin@astran-cargo.comand title your email “Can i have a Polo Shirt Mr Letham?”

Astran Polo Shirts
Astran Polo Shirts

3 thoughts on “Astran Polo Shirts

  1. I am going to purchase one of your polo shirts soon and was wondering if it was possible to purchase any of the drinks coasters that are shown in your picture?


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