BJS in Truck & Driver

Here you go, just so you know i do have a little bit of history in the trucking world. I don’t just write about stuff i dont know! Back in May 2003 I was the subject of a Truck & Driver article. Due to the artwork, owner driver-ness and sort of one off appeal of a slightly customised little rigid, they wanted to do an article, so who am i to disagree. I think you may just be able to read the article from the pictures, if not and if you really want to you will just have to find yourself a back issue! Apologies for the terrible picture of me and the silver shirts, my only bad decision when it comes to uniform, they only lasted a few months. Last i heard of the truck it was working up north doing charity shop collections, i’ll dig out the pictures some time.

BJS Truck & Driver
BJS Truck & Driver

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