Trucking Christmas Cards

So the festivities are nearly over, how many cards did you get? more to the point how many were truck related?? Ether the truck pic with computer generated snow or the real snow pic taken and abused by a rubbish camera, is it possible to create a good authentic looking Christmasy Christmas card??? We had a good selection in so i decided to share a few with you.

First up the good ones. Genuine pictures taken in snowy surroundings, although they can still have a hint of photoshop just for that final festive look! Charles Russell in the Alps and Frosty in his yard in deepest darkest, Suffolk ba.
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

The next catergory is the, pick your favorite picture and add a festive slogan to it. Not a bad idea shows you at your best at least!! Thanks to Big Al for the classic British Stack. The Scania is Owner Driver Tim Rigby from Taunton.
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Then you get your down right, bugger we’ve forgotten to order Christmas cards, awful.
Christmas Cards

Can you beat these??? email

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