Le Scania Collecteur

Bonjour mon ami, Voici quelques images de mon Vincent d’ami français. Basically here are a few pictures from my French friend Vincent. Just like us over here them over there also have Scania perverts lurking in the Garlic fields.  Vincent says;

“hello, i am french and i am passionned by the Scania! I have a Scania LB110 super of 1972, a Scania LB 141 of 1978 , 760 000 kms, a Scania R142 6×2 of 1984,  800 000 kms, a Scania T 142 h 4×2 of 1984 , 780 000 kms and a Scania R143 450 Topline of 1992 with 1 800 000 kms !!!”

A nice little collection, i have asked if he wants a nice little blue and white 141 to add to to  it…………… he hasn’t said no yet! I think my favorite is the brown 110, very original.

Nédéelec Vincent
Nédéelec Vincent
Nédéelec Vincent
Nédéelec Vincent

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