Old Volvo Time

As many people know MDF Transport from Gt Yarmouth are fair Volvo fans. MD of MDF Mark Farrow sent me a recent wedge of pictures which i am getting through.
First up this cracking shot of a Lotus F89 after what looks like a service at a Volvo dealership (note the seat cover!!). Mark tells me this lovely truck was sadly written off in Italy in about 1983, while on its way home from the Italian Grand Prix. I have no idea what happened to the valuable cargo it was carrying at the time.
Lotus F89

Next up is this hard worked F88. Well travelled by the looks of the cab, GB stickers and cab flags are true signs of a well travelled truck in the 1970’s! Although it does look like its parked in an English field, but why its in the field i have no idea! Have you got any idea? email me ben@truckblog.co.uk
Spandlers F88

Last but not least. This cracking F89 belonging to MDF. This picture was taken 4 or 5 years ago in Sweden, that’s all i can tell you. Working or Show? Working i hope…

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