Volvo Restoration Project Anyone??

For all you Volvo fans there is a bit of Volvo stuff coming your way in the next few weeks. To start with is any one looking for a decent restoration project? These 2 old girls are sitting slowing disappearing at a yard near Poole. One is a 4×2 and the other a 6×4. They may be available for restoration for a price, if your interested then email me at and I’ll try and put you in touch with the right man. Do you know any thing else about these 2? new pictures? history? email it all through to the above. Thanks to Roving Reporter for sending these through. If only they had been kept under cover!!!

Couple of dead F88/89s
Couple of dead F88/89s

1 thought on “Volvo Restoration Project Anyone??

  1. Still owned by John Weaver and I’d doubt he’d part with them! Leo Bol says he has a cab ready for the F89 if John ever fancys a resto…..


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