Bloody Old Tilts!!

I don’t know what it is about tilts but i always used to like them. Yes i am odd. Perhaps it was that they look better than other trailers? Perhaps it made me feel like an old 70’s International driver? perhaps it was the full body work out when stripping them down? or was it just that they are a dying breed?? Who knows but they always made for a good picture. These one’s were taken in the early hours one Saturday morning in Oostende back in 2005. Dear old Claudia (The Actros!) taking a breather before the run home for lunch! Good times.

28.8.5 043

28.8.5 044

28.8.5 041

2 thoughts on “Bloody Old Tilts!!

  1. I completely agree, Tilts are far more fun, and I think for the same reason I ended up doing powder and liquid tanks, its a bit more involving. I was never one to just back up to a bay and wait for an army of anonymous people to unload you!

    Claudia was certainly a good looking Girl, LOL!



    • Claudia certainly was. The wife wanted her to have a name and i know an excellent chap by the name of Lord Rylance of Buxton, Derbyshire, who drives a cracking black Volvo, who lovingly named her Gloria. So we tried to keep along the same lines!!


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