Truckfest 2010 – Same Old Same Old

We payed a visit to Peterborough on Sunday. The weather wasn’t too bad but show its self was disappointing. Firstly we were guided into the back on the car park at 0930hrs when we drove passed an empty front of the car park, so we carried on past the Marshall and parked in the front row. Secondly this is the first time I’ve been to Truckfest in a long time and had to pay for entry tickets and i can safely but sadly say it’ll be the last. At £16 per adult it just isn’t worth it, the show isn’t good enough to charge that kind of admission. You don’t get anything what so ever for your ticket price, food is extortionate (all prices on food stands are governed by show organisers so they get a cut), the show is the same format its been for donkeys years and you can never find a bloomin bin to put your rubbish in!! Come on Live Promotions its now 2010 not 1985 pull the show into the 2oth century, it need s a revamp and quick. I think more truck stands rather than market stalls may help. If i wanted to buy chunky garden furniture i’d head to the nearest boot sale. I know trade stands provide an income for the show but in that case why do entry tickets need to be so expensive?? All in all i find it a very depressing show these days especially compared to our European counterparts, we as seems to be the trend in the UK seriously lack behind every one else.


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